Owning Marriage


Owning Marriage is a groundbreaking effort to guide couples to enjoying loving, rewarding marriages, alleviating the need for counseling and therapy. The better educated you are about yourself, your spouse and marriage, the greater the likelihood that you’ll succeed in marriage. Marriage is alive and like all living things, marriage needs to be constantly nurtured. Every marriage can improve and that’s our goal.

We educate you how to be successfully married. The overwhelming majority of marriages have two good people yet they fail to maximize their relationship. In most cases, husbands and wives never learned how to be successfully married. Become an expert at marriage; your marriage

Marriage is a choice, your choice. It’s in your hands to celebrate a rewarding, successful marriage. You will look back at your marriage with fond memories or regrets. Do what you can so you’ll look back with a smile and a warm feeling. Marriage is a fertile ground to grow; both as a person and in your marriage. Our pioneering methodology in the field of Psychotorapy is the culmination of three millennia of successful marriage education. We share that knowledge along with theoretical and practical experience. Decades of scholarly research and understanding the human condition enable us to impart to you the secrets for enhancing marriage. See the testimonials for real life success stories. In essence, we are sharing the Marriage Bible; God’s blueprint for marital accomplishment.

Owning Marriage is the brainchild of Rabbi Eliezer Medwed. He is the founder and director. Mrs. Sara Medwed heads the Women’s Programs. We write, lecture and offer consulting services. You benefit tremendously from the fact that we are married. We work as a team – exactly as you should. What you hear fits what your spouse hears. What your spouse hears fits what you hear. We hone our message so that husband and wife hear complementary (with an ‘e’) and compatible messages.

In-person meetings are always preferable. If that’s not possible, Skype, Zoom or similar avenues offer solid opportunities to guide couples to realizing the dreams they always had for their marriage.

Absolutely. Be in contact with us.

Again, absolutely. It’s up to you. We may want to speak with you together at times and depending upon your circumstances, we may want to occasionally speak with you or your spouse separately. Whatever you need, we’ll go that route with you.

You can choose. Whomever makes you most comfortable.

Yes. Mrs. Medwed welcomes women, assuring the comfort and modesty women prefer. She does not meet privately with men. Sometimes, we both sit with a spouse or couple. You gain from two minds and opinions and the depth of male and female understanding.

We don’t believe a piece of paper is enough to make one qualified to teach others. Proper marriage instruction comes after years of real-life experience. We have the experience that benefits you. You will feel comfortable and don’t worry, nothing fazes us.

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As long as you feel necessary. We’re here for you. If you choose to leave, you are always welcome to contact us in the future.

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