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Create and sustain a loving, lasting marriage. Learn how to nurture and enhance your marriage through preparation, education and commitment. Find out the answers! Today is the best day to make your marriage great! And, no… it’s never too late.
" Mrs. Medwed, I just wanted to thank you. I’ve never contacted an author before but your recent article made such and impact on me, I just had to let you know. It was a novel approach that ‘spoke’ to me; giving me the tools and inspiration to make my marriage even better."

Malke, New York

We have over 25 years of Marriage Education, Preparation and Consulting.

Our unique paradigm has a proven
track record of helping couples,
individuals and families.

Our Expert & Trusted Consultants and
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Pre-Marriage Primer®

Pre-Marriage Primer® for
those not yet seriously
thinking about marriage

Marriage Prep®

Marriage Prep® for those
about to marry

Marriage Mentors®

Marriage Mentors® for the
early years of marriage

Owning Marriage®

Owning Marriage® Education & Rejuvenation Classes, Retreats and Programs Lectures, workshops and multiple Marriage Education series

A Better Marriage – Guaranteed!

We at Owning Marriage want your marriage to succeed almost as much as you do. We understand your concerns. Put them to rest and focus on enhancing your love and bonding. You’re taking a big step by turning to us and we appreciate your confidence in us. And we want you to be confident in return.

We’re so convinced we can help you improve your marriage, we guarantee it! No ifs, ands or buts.

Give your marriage a fair shot. Read our books/take our classes, etc. and then do as instructed for three months. If you see absolutely no improvement, we will refund your money.

It’s that simple.